Best Side by Size Refrigerator

For people with a big family and are accustomed to storing large amounts of food and cooking ingredients in the refrigerator, it’s a good idea to buy a 4-door refrigerator, which is much larger. With a large storage area, no more food doesn’t fit in the fridge. Thanks to the best technology, the food that is stored will last longer.

The refrigerator is a household electronic appliance whose presence is very much needed. And most households from upper to the lower middle class have a fridge at home. A refrigerator is required to store various foods, drinks, and cooking ingredients.

Sharp SJ-IF85PB-SL

Sharp Refrigerator best Side By Side 4 Doors SJ-IF85PB-SL comes with a Hybrid Cooling System, making the cold temperature in the cupboard more evenly distributed, and the humidity inside is more preserved. J-Tech Inverter Compressor also makes refrigerator cooling systems work more optimally and save energy.

With the Express Freezing feature, you can make ice cubes faster and are located at the refrigerator’s bottom. This refrigerator from Sharp is also designed with a No Center Pillar design so you can fit a large container without a hitch.

There is also a Separate Food Storage, making it easy for you to adjust food storage location. This silver refrigerator also has a Handle Control Panel as a place for setting the refrigerator performance.

Electrolux EQE6909A

Electrolux Side By Side 4 Door Refrigerator EQE6909A is a refrigerator that can provide a stable and consistent temperature in every fridge area thanks to the 360 ​​Cooling feature. The stored food is fresher, hygienic, and odor-free because it is equipped with the Taste Guard feature, removing bacteria up to 99.8%.

This refrigerator’s temperature can also be adjusted from + 3 ° C to -12 ° C thanks to FlexCool ™ technology. The large storage space makes you not have to worry about storing more food.

Hitachi Rwb-80PGD5

Hitachi 4 Door Rwb-80PGD5 has an elegant design with Double Layer Door Pockets that makes it easy for you to store beverage bottles in various sizes. This refrigerator also offers an Easy-View Refrigerator Compartment so you can easily find and retrieve the food you need.

This refrigerator with Inverter Compact technology makes the cold temperature in the fridge stronger and evenly distributed. It can even be set for low power cooling thanks to the embedded Eco Thermo Sensor and Control Micro Computer. A refrigerator with a Touch Screen Controller that makes it look elegant is, of course, also designed to be energy efficient.

LG Side By Side Refrigerator GR-D31FTKHL

LG Fridge Side By Side 4 Doors GR-D31FTKHL has a width of 90 cm with ample storage space, of course. Even large plates and containers can be conveniently placed in the refrigerator. The shelf on the refrigerator door can be adjusted in height, thus providing better storage space. This refrigerator, which has a combined storage space between freezer and cooler, also has Fair Trade certification, so you should consider it.

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