Dogfish Head Rosabi! August 20 2014

Recently, we tapped an unsurprisingly unique beer from Dogfish Head Brewery called Rosabi, an Imperial Pale Ale brewed with Wasabi root. The brewery collaborated with Julianna Barwick, a musician with the voice of an angel, to make this special brew. She was asked to perform at the brewery for the celebration of the completion of their 18th month long expansion. After her performance, they just could not help but ask her to join them in making a beer.
Julianna is best known for looping and layering her voice to make it sound choir-like, as if the heavens were singing down upon you. Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head, said, “I just love Julianna’s sonic palette. Her layered style reminds me of the art of brewing. Her songs are beautiful but completely unconventional, just as our beer recipes are completely nontraditional. But in the end, they are both distinct and find an adventurous community of enthusiasts." Julianna did not just help the brewery make a beer, but she also created a 4 song EP titled Rosabi in honor of the beer.

You can hear a song featured on the EP here:

The beer, an Imperial Pale Ale, is lighter on the hop notes than an India Pale Ale. It is a rose color due to the red rice used when brewing the beer. The red rice is imported from Louisiana, Julianna's birthplace. It is made with Munich and Caramel malts, Simcoe and Centennial hops, and of course, wasabi root.


Julianna said, “It was an honor to christen the new brewery, collaborate on a unique beer with someone like Sam, and create new music for an incredible company like Dogfish. It’s clear that the people of Dogfish are happy and proud of what they do and they should be. I can’t wait for people to try Rosabi!”

Only 1000 cases with 6 750ml each were made. So, come to The Porch today, tonight, or tomorrow morning and enjoy a lovely limited edition Rosabi Ale before it's gone forever.

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