The Limited Edition Michael Hildebrand T Shirt December 09 2015

Michael is a regular at our bar. Every time he comes in, it's with a smile and a handful of markers. He will proceed to have a few beers and doodle on coasters. When I say "doodle", I mean make these wonderful pieces of mini art. Many of our bartenders and our customers have taken a few of these home. They are really wonderful. 

Michael had designed our "It's our only hope" shirt one night during a bout of insomnia. 

We wanted to see just what he would come up with as a design of what the Porch means to him. This is the wonderfully strange trip through Michael's brain: 

"I see a great Friday night at the Porch as a fantastic drunken adventure akin to the 8bit sword fighting of Link and the free willed soaring of Falcor. I put this into the mix along side the interesting-to-bazaar conversations with other bar folk, the arcade action at the back of the bar, the nude old ladies on duval, and the beautiful glorious nectar-of-the-gods we call beer. Simplified: pure youthful love"

Michael is actually leaving us to move up to NYC. We'll see him again when it gets chilly. And even though he's moving on to another adventure, you and Terry will always be family at the Porch!

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