Puddles Pity Party Was Anything But Pitiful August 20 2014

So, what happens when you have a 7ft clown perform at your favorite bar? Magic! Chris Shultz and Keith St. Peter strike again by inviting Puddles the Clown to perform at The Porch last Memorial Day weekend. If you  haven't met Puddles the Clown, let me introduce you. This is Puddles:


Puddles is the saddest clown with the most angelic voice. He graced us with his presence and performed sad renditions of pop's greatest hits. He has over 7 million views on YouTube and is currently on a massive tour. Puddles doesn't speak, he only sings, and when he sings, he sings like this...

The Porch closed its doors for a couple of hours just for this wonderful show and let me tell you, this was definitely one of the greatest nights The Porch has ever experienced. Puddles not only performed for us, but he made us perform for him too! Karaoke was forced upon those who could barely keep a tune, and with that came endless laughter.


Puddles on the other hand was not very amused by the lack of musical tune most of us carried as one can see from the above picture. Although, I think making Puddles smile is nearly impossible anyway. His show isn't called Puddles Pity Party for nothing. By the end of the night he had us all dancing and singing away! It was a fun filled night of drunken debauchery!


I have never seen Chris Shultz as happy as he was on this night, and for that we thank you Puddles. Dreams do come true! Sorry to all of you that missed it, and thank you to all of you that made it a wonderful affair. Until next time. Cheers.



Pictures are courtesy of Nick Doll Photography

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